Elevate Your Events: Stunning Event Spaces for Rent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

January 4, 2024
Elevate Your Events: Stunning Event Spaces for Rent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Hosting an event can be an exciting and immensely rewarding experience. However, the success of your event largely depends on the quality of your venue.

After all, your event space can make the difference between an immensely successful occasion that every guest will remember forever, or one that didn’t quite go quite as well as planned.

So, when looking for event spaces for rent, it’s important to consider several different aspects. You should research the services and amenities that each event space offers, and its location, size and capacity, Wi-Fi quality, catering options, and numerous other elements.

Cloud Spaces is proud to provide businesses, organisations and individuals with a range of dynamic and inspiring event spaces for rent that are sure to make every gathering extra special and memorable. As the region’s leading coworking brand, our comfortable lounges and intricately designed event spaces provide the perfect setting for impactful and show-stopping events.

Vibrant and welcoming, and filled with natural light, the spaces are ideal for workshops, talks, presentations, meetings, conferences and every other kind of event you can imagine. Spacious, stylish and adorned with comfortable furniture and chic decorations, our energising event venues in Dubai & Abu Dhabi naturally encourage creativity, collaborations and meaningful connections.

In this blog we will explore why you should consider renting one of our bright, professional and modern event spaces for your next corporate gathering, and the many different benefits they offer.

Event spaces for rent at Cloud Spaces

Alongside our coworking lounges, dedicated working stations, furnished offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms and studios, we are delighted to offer various indoor and outdoor event spaces at Circle Mall in Dubai and WTC Mall, Yas Mall and ADGM in Abu Dhabi.  

All four Cloud Spaces branches are strategically positioned throughout the UAE, ensuring that every venue is conveniently located and easily reachable by road and public transport.

When you plan an event at CloudSpaces, you can also feel rest assured that every little detail is included in your package, including catering, IT support, comfortable furniture and widescreens that are ideal for presentations or webinars. We make the process of hosting an event easy, simple and enjoyable.

Beautiful indoor and outdoor event spaces

The UAE is blessed with all-year-round sunshine and a pleasant climate. So, at Cloud Spaces WTC Mall, we decided to embrace the lovely weather of the UAE’s cooler season and offer members and clients the chance to host al fresco events on our outdoor terrace. Providing a picturesque setting for a networking event, or refreshments with colleagues and business partners during the cooler seasons, the indoor facilities at our WTC Mall branch are also filled with inviting natural light and modern amenities.

When it's too hot to be outside or you need extra technological support, we also offer a wide array of state-of-the-art indoor spaces at Cloud Spaces Yas Mall, ADGM and Circle Mall. Modern, spacious and fully equipped with the latest technologies, our indoor and outdoor event spaces are designed to suit groups of all sizes and requirements.

Delicious catering services

Keeping your guests well fueled throughout your event is essential. After all, discussing, collaborating and working on new ideas can be hungry and thirsty work.

At Cloud Spaces, we help our clients make their events extra memorable and enjoyable by providing an array of high-quality catering options.

Spanning healthy snacks, nutritious meals, quality barista coffees, fresh juices and much more, our experienced team offer a wide range of delectable culinary delights that can all be tailored to your individual preferences and needs. With all the service and refreshments taken care of, you’re free to concentrate on chatting to your guests and making sure they are having a brilliant time.

Advanced technology and equipment

Having the right technological equipment and setup for your event is arguably the most essential element of all. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than a technology mishap right in the middle of a presentation or talk.  

At Cloud Spaces, every event space is powered with the highest levels of advanced technology.  

Our immersive event spaces will leave your guests captivated and enthralled from start to finish, providing agripping visual journey enhanced with state-of-the-art big screens and cutting-edge technology. 

Designed for presentations, talks, workshops and panel discussions, our presentation technologies and multimedia displays ensure that your ideas and thoughts are presented clearly, concisely and creatively, and that every moment makes maximum impact.

Bespoke networking events

Accommodating groups of between 20 to 80 people, networking events at Cloud Spaces are always a pleasurable, engaging and beneficial experience for all attendees.

Our welcoming and vibrant spaces nurture a sense of community and togetherness, and the comfortable sofas and cosy seating areas encourage guests to bond, connect and forge valuable relationships. Offering areas for breakout groups, premium quality refreshments, equipment for presentations and more, we have everything you need to host an interesting and engaging networking event that people will be talking about for months to come.

Nurturing new skills and creativity

Since it was founded in 2020, CloudSpaces has hosted dozens and dozens of successful and extraordinary events. From networking mornings to multi-media workshops and special events for Emirati Women’s Day and other important occasions, each event provides something very different and unique.

Along with enjoying full access to our comfortable lounges, meeting rooms, boardrooms, cafes and other inspiring spaces, all our members are invited to a packed calendar of engaging community events.

The events help us to strengthen and empower the Cloud Spaces creative community. They encourage members to mingle, chat and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and they provide attendees with the skills and knowledge that they need to prosper and thrive in their various ventures and projects.

Boasting the capacity and facilities to host everything from International Yoga Day classes with local studios, toSME events with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) and business leaders and industry experts, our flexible spaces make every kind of event utterly unforgettable.

Some of our most memorable events from recent months include:

The Abu Dhabi Business Women Council  

The Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, the non-profit organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for women in business, partnered with Cloud Spaces to host an interactive jewellery masterclass. Timed to coincide with Emirati Women’s Day and hosted in collaboration with Adi Alfardan Jewelry, it was a truly extraordinary event filled with glamour, luxury and beauty jewels. An elegant and poignant way of honouring the many powerful, intelligent and successful women of the UAE, all the guests departed with many new friends and a new level of knowledge about jewellery styling and craftsmanship.

World Photography Day workshop

Creative members of the Cloud Spaces community and all Photograph lovers came together on World Photography Day to celebrate the art of frozen moments. Led by local talented photographer Mahmoud Marei, the interactive workshop guided participants on a journey through the fascinating world of black and white photography.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Our popular ‘Meet the Entrepreneurs’ series features talks from successful business leaders from across the region. Filled with useful insights, advice and enlightening anecdotes, they also offer small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to ask any questions about how to create a prosperous business in the UAE.

For example, Dubai One TV host Nimi Mehta delivered a talk at Cloud Spaces WTC Mall.  She shared her experiences of working with renowned brands, hosting stages for thousands and striving to inspire the next generation.

Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO of Ultrahuman, the groundbreaking glucose monitor and health and wellness tracker, was another of our exceptionally exciting and motivational ‘Meet the Entrepreneurs’ guests.  

Cloud Connect

Cloud Spaces is home to hundreds of unique businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs, including many of the biggest brands in the region.

Therefore, we decided to create the‘Cloud Connect’ series as a way of highlighting some of the great minds who work at Cloud Spaces. For every event, we invite Cloud Spaces members to take to the stage and share their stories and top bits of advice for succeeding in the UAE’s ever-changing economy.

Providing a priceless opportunity for our in-house clients to showcase their skills and talents, some of our most recent ‘Cloud Connect’ events featured a talk on personal branding by BusinessMentor Kelly Lundberg, and a discussion on the future of AI by start-up Emotech.

Let us help you host an event to remember

To find out more about our dynamic and uplifting event spaces for rent at Cloud Spaces, please visit our website.