Cloud Spaces opens at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

April 23, 2024
Cloud Spaces opens at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

Our goal is to promote collaboration

The co-working space features desks, offices and boardrooms, as well as a cafe and small putting green for where the real deals get done.

What is the future of the office? These days, due to the pandemic, working remotely seems to be a viable option with more employees doing so from home. However, not everyone enjoys having their living space turned into an office. As people begin to have more control over where they work from, remote work spaces are becoming a popular option.

Last week, Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi welcomed Cloud Spaces, a business and lifestyle co-working space that spans 2,000 square metres. The concept is ideal for those looking for an inspiring place to work, as it offers private offices, sound-proof cubicles, open work desks and meeting rooms – all available to book on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

“Our goal is to promote collaboration and become a community hub for the evolving business landscape,” says Malak Smejkalova, the general manager of Cloud Spaces.

This is the first co-working space inside a mall, which was purposely done to take advantage of Yas Mall’s proximity to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Private offices line the walls of the second floor, which features most of the workspaces available to book. And the space is filled with bright, earthy tones, offering plenty of natural light.

“Even before Covid-19, the plan was to give you that feeling of privacy yet feel like you’re included in the community, so that was the whole concept,” Smejkalova adds.

For those who only need certain services, Cloud Spaces can also provide that. Boardrooms come equipped with a 55-inch smart TV and camera, perfect for those who need space for a meeting or video conference. There’s also a small photography studio, as well as a recording studio that comes equipped with tools to help photographers take and edit their own photos, or produce or edit audio files.

However, offices and cubicles aren't the only things on offer. There’s also an on-site cafe, as well as a small putting green for a quick game of mini-golf for those needing a break from work.

The restrooms also have washers and dryers available for members to use in case there’s an accidental coffee-spilled-down-shirt incident before an important meeting.

Currently, Cloud Space offers co-working or workspace memberships, with tiered memberships that grant different access to services.

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Photo by Victor Besa / The National