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Looking for Recording and Photo Studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Cloud Spaces has Everything You Need

May 14, 2024
Looking for Recording and Photo Studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Cloud Spaces has Everything You Need

Spanning a unique mix of private, fully-furnished offices, bright and welcoming coworking lounges and state-of-the-art facilities, the flexible workspaces offered by Cloud Spaces provide so many benefits for freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Along with our unparalleled modern office infrastructure and extensive amenities, one thing that sets our flexible workspaces apart is our photography and recording studios

Providing extra convenience for companies, freelancers and creatives, residents of our modern semi-private and private office rentals are invited to shoot and record their content in our dedicated onsite recording photography studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Kitted out with cutting-edge cameras, modern equipment and the latest technologies, enjoying access to our creative studios is just one of the many advantages of renting a Cloud Spaces office space.

Empowering local creatives

Filling a new and important niche in the market, we decided to launch our studios when we realized that the region was lacking in independent recording and photography spaces. Afterall, with increasing numbers of photographers, marketers, photographers, influencers, content creators and podcasters choosing to go freelance and work remotely, the need for accessible and affordable creative studios has never been greater.

Found across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, our recording and photography studios are available to rent on an hourly or daily basis at our locations in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi and Circle Mall, Dubai.

Fully equipped studios

Inspiring spaces that encourage innovation and creativity, our studios offer all the equipment that businesses and individuals need to capture clear and crisp recordings, and curate amazing photographs that evoke emotion and feeling.  

Our cutting-edge photography studios offer:

  • Canon 7D cameras
  • Lighting kits
  • Backdrops
  • Cables
  • Laptops installed with Adobe Suite  

Meanwhile, our modern recording studios include:

  • Dynamic microphones
  • ProFX mixers
  • Headsets
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Laptops with advancedsound-editing software  

What are the advantages of using a recording orphotography studio at Cloud Spaces?


High-end audio and photography equipment is extremely expensive to buy. Renting your own professional studio space is also a costly affair.

However, using the Cloud Spaces recording and photo studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi enables everyone to have the opportunity to record and shoot in a world-class space, without investing a fortune.

Available for both Cloud Spaces members and non-members to use, rates for our creative studios start from just AED 300 per hour, and AED 1,800 per day.

IT support

If you encounter any difficulties when using our recording or photography studios, our onsite IT support department will immediately come to your assistance.  

Taking the complications and uncertainty out of creating amazing visual and audio content, they will help you with all the technical details and ensure that nothing disrupts or hinders your creative process.

All our studios also come with fast and reliable high-speed Wi-Fi.


Whether you are featuring special guests on your podcast or welcoming guest presenters or actors for your video production, you can feel rest assured that all your guests and crew will be welcomed warmly and professionally by our experienced reception team. They will ensure that they are comfortable and have everything they need, and immediately inform you of their arrival.

Our reception team will also help you book out your studio, and arrange any other logistics you need.


Creating enrapturing audio and visual content can be hungry and thirsty work. At Cloud Spaces, everyone who uses our creative studios is invited to replenish their energy levels at our onsite Oxygen Cafe. Bright and vibrant, and offering a mix of tasty snacks, healthy meals, specialty coffees, fresh juices and much more, we've got all the nutritious fuel you need to remain focused and energised throughout the day. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, refillable water stations are also provided.

Who should consider using our creative studios?

Our recording and photography studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Dubai are designed to fulfill the needs of anyone who wants to create audio or visual content.

This includes:

  • Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Photographers
  • Influencers
  • Content creators
  • Podcasters

To reserve your slot and get started on creating your incredible content, simply visit our online booking platform. Allowing you to reserve a creative studio at Cloud Spaces in just a few clicks and from anywhere in the world, it’s ultra easy and quick to use.

For more information about the Cloud Spaces recording and photo studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, please visit our website.