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Who uses coworking spaces & what benefits do they bring?

January 4, 2024
Who uses coworking spaces & what benefits do they bring?

Coworking spaces are no longer a new and unheard-of concept, and their rising popularity reflects how significantly office culture has changed over the past few years.

Frequented by freelancers, small businesses, large companies and all kinds of professionals from across every sector, they offer a cost effective, flexible, sociable, convenient and modern working solution.

In this blog, we will explore the specifics of who uses coworking spaces, and the many benefits that they bring for each different type of professional.

What is a coworking space?

First, let’s start with the basics...

Coworking spaces can be described as working environments where individuals from various companies and industries are invited to work alongside each other, either independently or collaboratively.

Here at Cloud Spaces, we have successfully created one of the biggest and most inspiring coworking communities in the UAE.

Our unique business and lifestyle coworking brand was launched in 2020, and since then we have grown at a rapid rate. With three locations in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai, we offer a variety of fresh, bright and modern workspaces that are designed to deliver optimum comfort and spark motivation.

Suited to today’s modern working culture

Before the pandemic, the traditional 9-to-5 office structure was considered the ‘normal’ way to run a business. But today it is extremely common for companies to encourage remote and home working, or hybrid models that involve a fusion of office and home-based working.

As companies continue to abandon their permanent offices for alternative working models, and more individuals decide to embrace entrepreneurship and start their own business, the demand for quality coworking spaces continues to rise.

However, if you are a freelancer, small business owner or remote worker who is content working from home or from coffee shops, you might be wondering why you should consider switching up your routine, and investing in a coworking space membership instead.

Why should you choose to work in a coworking space?

Coworking spaces appeal to a diverse range of working professionals. From freelancers who have worked independently for years, to remote workers who are struggling to adapt to working from home, coworking spaces offer a flexible working solution.

Along with allowing people to connect, collaborate and utilise an array of shared facilities, coworking spaces help members feel like they are part of a thriving entrepreneurial community, all without the commitment and expense of renting a private office space.

Below are some examples of the many different people who use coworking spaces such as Cloud Spaces, and the reasons why they choose to make them their working base.


Many freelancers are forced to merge their working and home lives, and pull together a makeshift workspace on their dining table or spare room. But coworking spaces provide them with a modern and inspiring working environment that breaks up the boredom of being at home all day and constantly looking at the same four walls. The Cloud Spaces dedicated desks are ideal for freelancers who want to zone in on their to-do lists, and our comfortable coworking lounges, sociable breakout areas and fun regular events provide them with multiple opportunities to expand their professional networks.

Business travellers

Business professionals who are always on the go can benefit greatly from coworking spaces. Providing a far more focused and business-orientated environment than your average coffee shop, coworking spaces allow travelling business professionals to really put their heads down, and dedicate some thorough and uninterrupted time to their work. The Day Passes from Cloud Spaces are ideal for business travellers who are just passing through, while our regular memberships are purposefully flexible to suit all requirements.

Remote workers

Employees who are new to home or remote working may find the sudden transition from office life tough. However, coworking spaces provide the perfect stepping-stone to this new way of working. Offering a dedicated workspace that is separate from home life, remote workers can enjoy working in the familiar structure of an office environment, but with added flexibility and networking opportunities. Our dedicated desks are great for solo work, while the coffees and refreshments from our speciality cafes provide the perfect fuel for long working days.

Startups and small businesses

Some startups and small businesses may not be able to afford their own office space. However, Cloud Spaces offers a more cost-effective solution, with all bills and utilities included in one flexible monthly membership fee. With private fully-furnished offices, along with meeting rooms, board rooms, training rooms, coworking spaces, admin and IT support and more, businesses will find everything they need to grow, expand and reach their full potential. Meanwhile, the vibrant working environment ensures that all their team members feel constantly motivated and inspired.

Established companies

Along with small start ups, many large and established companies opt to use coworking spaces. There can be numerous strategic reasons for this. For instance, if a brand is expanding into a new country or region, they may choose to rent an office in an external workspace while they are still analysing the local market. Equally, if a company is working on a short-time project or needs to expand and find extra office room quickly, coworking spaces can provide an efficient option. Furthermore, the events spaces and meeting rooms at facilities like Cloud Spaces provide the ideal setting for highly confidential board meetings or networking events. External workspaces also let companies attract new talents to their firm from a whole new catchment pool, all without having to set up an established new office first. Finally, like many professionals and businesses, big companies are attracted by the cost-efficient nature of coworking spaces, and the fact that they are much cheaper to set up and maintain than a traditional office space.


Consultants have long embraced a transient style of working that is ideally suited to coworking spaces. At Cloud Spaces, consultants can host their clients in one of our chic and modern meeting rooms, reserve a dedicated desk to work on a business proposal, and enjoy utilising our fast and reliable Wi-Fi and other IT facilities. Despite being independent in their work, consultants still relish soaking up the vibe of our dynamic coworking lounges. They can also enjoy mingling with the rest of the UAE’s thriving creative and entrepreneurial community, playing games in the breakout areas, and relaxing with a specialty coffee in one of our bright and airy cafes.

Endless opportunities

As you can see, there are many reasons why we are considered the UAE’s leading coworking brand. Our fully serviced cubicles, coworking lounges and private offices offer numerous advantages for professionals from a broad array of industries.

Striking the perfect balance between business and lifestyle, our regular events, workshops and breakout areas offer refreshing breaks from work and a bit of light relief, while our 24/7 access memberships are ideal for freelancers, consultants or businesses who are working on urgent and last-minute projects.

For more information about day passes and flexible memberships at Cloud Spaces, including at Cloud Spaces Yas Mall, The World Trade Center Mall and ADGM in Abu Dhabi, and Cloud Spaces Circle Mall in Dubai, please visit our website.