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What Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices Should Every Office Adopt?

May 29, 2024
What Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices Should Every Office Adopt?

Sustainability has never been a more important topic. Particularly in the wake of COP28, all of us in the UAE have a responsibility to make eco-friendly changes and reduce our environmental impact. However, along with making efforts to reduce waste and live sustainably at home, it’s also vital that sustainability at work is embraced. After all, we all spend a huge portion of our lives working, and enforcing sustainability requirements in the workplace can help us make huge leaps forward in our efforts to protect the planet.

In this blog, we will explore what environmentally sustainable work practices can be implemented in offices and coworking spaces, and how Cloud Spaces is leading the way towards creating a more sustainable future.  

Energy efficiency

Cloud Spaces specialises in flexible and contemporary workspace solutions that are highly energy efficient. Enabling all local creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals to embrace sustainability at work, all our stylish coworking lounges, fully furnished serviced offices, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, boardrooms, studios and chic cafés utilise cutting-edge energy efficient technologies.

To reduce the carbon footprints of our branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we have installed various energy-saving innovations such as smart motion sensors on all lights, smart thermostats for our air conditioning systems, and energy-efficient LED lights. We also regularly remind our members and guests that even doing simple things like switching off the lights when you exit the room can make a huge difference.  

Water Optimisation

To save water and reduce plastic waste, we have installed hot and cold-water fountains throughout our branches. Providing all our members with free boiling water and cold and refreshing drinking water, all accessible at just the touch of a button, they also allow us to save money and energy on boiling or chilling water as well.

Waste Reduction

At Cloud Spaces, we are determined to become a completely zero-waste brand and we have set ourselves stringent waste reduction goals. As part of our efforts, we also don’t use single-use plastics in any of our branches, and we offer recycling bins for paper. All new members also get a drinks tumbler in their welcome kit, and this helps us to further lower the amount of plastic that is thrown away.

Green Spaces

Creating green spaces in urban offices brings multiple benefits for the environment and working professionals. Set out on the balcony of the third floor and overlooking the city skyline, we are proud to have our own beautiful outdoor green space at Cloud Spaces WTC Mall. Peaceful and spacious, it’s filled with green flora and fauna and comfortable places to sit, work and chat with your fellow colleagues and coworkers.

Our wonderful green space encourages sustainability at work by providing vital habitat for local wildlife, and it also helps combat pollution and offset carbon emissions. It also lets our members absorb the mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature and out in the fresh air and encourages them to connect and collaborate with other coworkers and professionals. Finally, it provides a wonderful setting for our many winter events and gatherings.

Green Building Design

Our magnificent new location at Circle Mall in Dubai is a prime example of premium green building design. The elegant domed glass ceiling ensures the entire space is filled with nourishing natural light, and this helps us to significantly reduce our energy use and carbon footprint. Furthermore, it also allows our members to absorb the benefits of natural sunlight as they work. Known to boost mood, improve sleep and increase focus, providing natural light is proven to enhance overall productivity in workspaces.  

All our locations are also adorned with real live plants. After all, having green plants in an office space is known to boost oxygen levels, increase productivity, and help colleagues tackle stress.

Community Engagement and Sustainable Collaborations

A key part of promoting sustainability at work is community engagement. At Cloud Spaces, we host a continuous programme of enlightening events, talks and workshops, and many are open to the public, too.  

For instance, by collaborating with local sustainability leaders, we recently hosted an incredible Sustainability Talks event at WTC Mall. Held out on our calm and serene outdoor terrace, it included inspiring speakers such as Nadia Al Shimmari from online preloved clothing store Hello&GoodBuy and Daniel Solomon from Hero Go, the UAE’s leading delivery service for ‘ugly’ and imperfect fruit and veg.

Our speakers shared valuable insights on sustainable living and responsible consumption, and all our guests walked away feeling motivated to implement more environmentally sustainable work practices in their own offices.

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