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How the benefits of coworking can change the way you work

August 16, 2020

Over the past decade, coworking has experienced a rise in popularity. According to market data company Statista, there are thought to be around 28,500 coworking spaces across the globe and this number is expected to rise to almost 42,000 by 2024. (

With the pandemic causing countless businesses to switch to remote working models, many of us reflected and reevaluated our views on the best and most productive ways to work.

Business owners have realised that employees don’t need to spend five days a week in the office in order to stay focused and driven, and the instability of the past few years has also prompted many professionals to go freelance or launch their own companies.

So, even now that the world is returning to ‘normal’, many entrepreneurs are choosing to shun permanent office spaces and working from home and instead join coworking spaces such as Cloud Spaces in the UAE.

However, we know that some of you might wonder, what are the benefits of coworking spaces over working from your own home? Or why is it beneficial to buy a coworking membership instead of renting a private office just for you and your team?

In truth, there are endless reasons why so many people are attracted to coworking spaces. Simply put, they provide an inspiring environment where small businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and brands from all sectors can work alongside each other, connect, collaborate and feel part of the local entrepreneurial community.

Coworkers discussing business at a shared workspace coffee bar

Below, we explore 10 of the most important advantages of working in a coworking space.

10 advantages of coworking spaces

  1. Endless networking opportunities

Arguably, the biggest benefit of a coworking space is that it invites you to make endless connections with other successful professionals from your region.  Whereas working at home or in an independent office might prevent you from making the connections and contacts that enable you to drive your business forward, coworking spaces like Cloud Spaces invite you to chat and exchange ideas with others from your industry.

  1. Increases productivity

For home workers, it can be all too easy to get distracted by chores, children, pets or other family members. But, by leaving your personal and family life at home and going to another space dedicated purely to work, you can increase your productivity and get more done. Our Cloud Spaces memberships also come with 24/7 access, so you can always escape to peace and quiet whenever you need to work and focus, no matter how late in the day or early in the morning it is.

  1. Nurtures creativity

Working alongside other local names and corporations can be extremely motivating and inspiring. By seeing how they work or exposing yourself to new perspectives, you might find that you have fresh bursts of creativity. Sometimes, switching spaces and escaping the four walls of your own home for a while can be all you need to refresh your mind and spark your most ingenious ideas.

  1. Invites collaborations

Collaborations are a natural outcome of the priceless networking opportunities that coworking spaces provide. For instance, a conversation in the coworking lounge or café at Cloud Spaces might lead to you hiring the next member of your team, or maybe even finding a business partner that will take your company in an exciting new direction.

  1. Saves on costs  

Using a coworking space means you don’t have to fork out on renting a permanent office, furnishing the office and paying for all the bills associated with it. Instead, everything you need is covered in one monthly rate, including parking spaces, meeting rooms, access to recording and photography studios and more.

  1. Welcome perks  

Memberships at Cloud Spaces come with little extra perks that are designed to make your working experience that bit better. For instance, our Cloud On-The-Go and Cloud Deck memberships come with unlimited tea and coffee, meaning you can always grab a pick-me-up whenever you need it. These memberships also come complete with your own dedicated local phone number, access to business support services and other handy services.

  1. Greater flexibility

Most coworking spaces offer very flexible agreements and at Cloud Spaces we provide daily passes and monthly memberships and contracts. This makes coworking spaces an ideal option for freelancers or entrepreneurs who only want to work in an office a couple of days a week, or even a month, and for businesses who want to just try out coworking without committing to it in the long term.

  1. Comprehensive facilities

Coworking spaces come with all the facilities and equipment you need to make your business thrive. In fact, Cloud Spaces includes creative spaces that are rarely found in private offices. Each Cloud Spaces  branch contains photography and recording studios, social entertainment zones where professionals can unwind and take a break, and easy access to the countless shops and dining outlets found in Yas Mall and the Galleria Mall, which is found adjacent to Cloud Spaces ADGM.

In addition, Cloud Spaces is proud to provide access to a wide range of state-of-the-art amenities.

This includes:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi     
  • A bright and stylish coworking lounge
  • Healthy café serving snacks and drinks
  • Board rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Photography studios
  • Recording studios
  • Secretarial services
  • IT support
  • PRO 
  • Parking areas

  1. Events and workshops

As well as providing creatives with an inspiring space to work from, Cloud Spaces also equips them with all the knowledge and skills they need to prosper by hosting a revolving programme of talks and discussions. Covering useful topics such as SME audits and how to get a Golden Visa, all members and day pass holders are welcome to attend. 

Cloud Spaces also holds social events for special occasions. These further encourage members to chat and connect and take a break from work to recharge their energy levels. Over the past year, Cloud Spaces has organised special activations for Fun at Work Day, art and photography exhibitions featuring works from local artists, and many other fun and interactive landmark events.

  1. Variety and positive energy

Coworking suits those who easily get bored of a set routine and feel refreshed and invigorated when working in different environments. For example, at Cloud Spaces, members can choose to work in a variety of bright and welcoming coworking lounges, or in the café. Coworking is also an ideal option for those who find that working from home doesn’t suit them because they miss the chatter and energy of an office environment. Cloud Spaces provides this within its innovative open spaces, but at the same time offers cubicles, bubbles and office suites for those who need a bit of privacy while they work.

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