Elevate Your Business: The Benefits of Renting Meeting Rooms

June 1, 2023

Picture the scene. Your biggest potential client has just called to ask you to pitch your big idea to them. If you impress them, you get the deal that could take your business to the next level. But you don’t have a meeting room or conference space that will do your presentation justice. What do you do? It’s simple – you consider renting meeting rooms that will make you and your business look good.

For any business, meetings, training sessions, and presentations are part of everyday office life. However, if you're a sole trader, SME or simply don't have access to suitable meeting rooms and boardrooms for training, presentations and meetings, the obvious answer is to find a location that offers meeting rooms for rent. These can be hired out on an hourly or even daily basis - perfect for those major presentations when you want to put all the focus into wowing those potential customers.

At Cloud Spaces, we don’t just provide work areas for small businesses, SMEs and entrepreneurs. We also offer meeting rooms for rent as well as conference room rental that gives young companies the space they need to expand, exhibit, and train.

With four locations conveniently spread across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Cloud Spaces presents a variety of conference and meeting rooms that offer impeccable spaces for conducting business. Our rooms comfortably accommodate gatherings of 6 to 14 individuals, providing you with the ideal setting to meet your professional needs. But why should you contemplate renting a meeting room? Allow us to guide you through what to consider and enlighten you on the advantages of boardroom rental.


What should you look for?

Good quality boardroom rental won't just include a room with tables and chairs. It should be a room designed to help the creativity flow and present a professional image from the moment your guests orco-workers step through the door.

The ideal boardroom or small conference room should be one that can easily accommodate up to around six to 14 people. Any larger than this, and you can lose that personal touch, leaving some of your attendees feeling a little isolated or disconnected from events.

Today, any good conference room or board room rental package will include effective technology. This may include anything from smart screens and large projection screens to a complete and professional ITstructure so you can connect quickly and effectively. The worst nightmare for anyone doing that important presentation is a 'technical malfunction', sochoose meeting rooms with fast Wi-Fi connectivity and the most up-to-date and professionally maintained equipment for rent.

How to make all-day meetings more fun

If your conference or meeting is due to go on all day,regular breaks will ensure everyone stays focused rather than wishing they were elsewhere! This is especially important if your event is a training session for employees. You want to maximise the worth of every minute, so effectivedowntime where attendees can relax for a while is just as important.

A speciality café or social area where everyone can take a break not only allows them to return to the meeting room refreshed but also gives them a chance to get to know each other in a more informal setting. Coworking lounges are also an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other businesses, perhaps forging lasting working relationships that can benefit both parties.

At Cloud Spaces, we also provide additional recreational and augmented services to make your event or training session even more interactive and interesting.

A change of scenery

If you're running a small business or are part of an SMEteam, the 'same old scene' can start to stifle creativity. A change of scenery can act as a catalyst to inspire and revive that passion which is the foundation of any small business. At Cloud Spaces, we make sure that our meeting rooms are truly inspirational and creative spaces where that energy and engagement can be rekindled, making any meeting a jumping-off point for the next steps in your business development.

A cost-effective option

If your business is starting to take off but you're not quite at the point where you need to move into a larger office space, renting meeting rooms also makes financial sense. Because you can rent your off-site conference room or meeting room by the hour or the day, you can avoid the unnecessary expense of having a space that sits empty for much of the working week!

It also means that you don’t have to spend additional resources on fitting out your own conference room with the latest technology, furniture, or even lighting and heating or air-conditioning costs.Your Cloud Space boardroom rental is there when you need it.

If you'd like to learn more about renting meeting rooms from Cloud Space, why not get in touch? Or even better, come and see what we're all about and what kind of meeting rooms for rent we have on offer.Whether you're organising a day's training for your team or have been asked by your boss to find that perfect presentation space for the big sales pitch, wecan help. Contact us today for more details.

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