Navigate the UAE’s Business Regulations with Cloud Spaces PRO Services in the UAE

January 4, 2024
Navigate the UAE’s Business Regulations with Cloud Spaces PRO Services in the UAE

PRO services in the UAE, standing for "Professional Services," involve expert support for navigating local regulations, legalities, and business intricacies. From obtaining visas to ensuring compliance, these services streamline operations and provide invaluable assistance for individuals and businesses in the UAE.

Home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and a diverse population of the world’s finest global talents, the UAE is an amazing place to launch your own business.  

The UAE government is invested inencouraging innovation and entrepreneurialism. Business owners are provided with ample governmental support, and a stable economy that offers so many incredible opportunities.

The process of setting up a company in the UAE is also relatively straightforward, and so many expats and Emirati nationals have jumped at the chance to launch a venture here.  

However, if you attempt to obtain all the required legal documents by yourself, setting up a company here can be a time consuming and lengthy process. If you are unfamiliar with the process, it also requires considerable research.

So, to complement our luxurious co-working lounges, semi-private and private office rentals, meeting rooms,boardrooms and state-of-the-art office facilities, Cloud Spaces is proud to offer a whole array of business support services.  

Our PRO services in the UAE make the process of setting up a business in the UAE quick, easy and painless. We take care of all the admin and paperwork, and leave you free to concentrate on creating, innovating and developing your business.

Comprehensive business support services

Available at all four Cloud Spaces locations, including at Yas Mall, ADGM and WTC Mall in Abu Dhabi, and Circle Mall in Dubai, we offer professional help with every stage of the UAE’s business set up process.

Having operated in the UAE since 2020, and renowned for being the nation’s leading coworking brands, Cloud Spaces’ team of specialists have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start a business in the UAE, and achieve the career that they have always dreamed of.

No matter what industry you specialise in, or how many employees you have, we offer business set up services for companies of all sizes and specifications. We will ensure that your company complies with all the UAE’s employment laws and legal regulations, and that nothing gets in the way of you making your venture a huge success.

Business licenses and license renewals

Guiding you through every step of applying for your business license, our business support services team will advise you on all the documents you need to provide, the fees you have to pay, and give you regular updates along the way. They will also assist you with applying for your establishment card, and any vehicle licenses or work permits that may be required. Once your documents expire, they will also help you renew them, too.

Visas and health insurance

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to obtain visas and health insurance for all your employees. The Cloud Spaces  PRO support team will help you gather all the documents you need to gather from your team, and ensure that you get the best possible rates for group health insurance packages.

Efficient PO Box and Postal Collection Services

Choosing the right office space is a pivotal step in the business setup journey, and Cloud Spaces goes beyond providing modern and comfortable semi-private and private office rentals. Tailored for companies of all sizes, our fully furnished offices offer a cost-effective solution, accompanied by unique benefits such as networking opportunities and a supportive community. What sets us apart is our exclusive focus on enhancing your experience with our PO Box and postal collection services. Our business support services department is dedicated to seamlessly establishing and managing your PO Box, ensuring efficient postal collection services to meet your business needs. Discover the convenience and reliability of these specialised services at Cloud Spaces, designed to complement your workspace and contribute to the overall efficiency of your business operations.

Documents and certificates

During your business journey, you may be required to present numerous different documents on behalf of yourself or your employees. Thankfully, Cloud Spaces offers assistance with doing everything from getting marriage and degree certificates attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to obtaining Civil Defence and Chamber of Commerce certificates, and services in legal translations, power of attorney and signature authorisation.

Business set up packages at Cloud Spaces start from AED 2,500, with license renewals available from AED 1,000. Meanwhile, new visa and visa renewal processes start from AED 300. We can also help you and your employees obtain a family visa with prices starting from AED 150.  

For more information about the full array of UAE PRO services offered at Cloud Spaces, visit our website.